History in Australia

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In 1961 Ray Moulton founder of Gospel Film Ministry in Melbourne attended a Booksellers Convention in Los Angeles California USA.  Having found a magazine called “Voice” he returned to Melbourne with a number of this publication. Within a few days he sent copies to his contacts in each Capital City throughout the nation.In Queensland John McKewen received the “Voice” magazines and immediately called me and his son-in-law James Tatters. We came together to explore the possibility of circulation of this new found evangelistic tool for the marketplace as we all had business interests in Brisbane City. The men in the other States of Australia began in a similar way discovering the value of what they were given.  In Brisbane we invited other men to join us in discussion, regular prayer times and reading numerous testimonials of successful business men who had become Christian believers.  We also took note that these stories spoke of Breakfasts, Luncheons and Evening Dinner meetings held in the type of venues where business people frequented. An organization called Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International convened these functions and men testified to the wonderful and miraculous power of the Holy Spirit being resident in the ordinary everyday happenings and issues of business life.  Eventually when we attended a World Convention in Los Angeles I found a man who was the World Ambassador so I visited him in his office the next working day.  During my visit I met all the office workers and Demos Shakarian, Founder of FGBMFI. I was greatly impressed with what I had seen. Then the Lord burned into my spirit that which was without any doubt whatsoever, “This Fellowship is birthed in the Holy Spirit and therefore it is maintained by the same Holy Spirit and will always be alive to the time only when the Holy Spirit is taken out of this world.  The Chapters that were already established were gaining momentum and others started all around the nation. The Gold Coast Chapter, becoming the largest Chapter in the nation.  Bernie Gray


Let us introduce you to the FGBMFI


Proactive in Australia

Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International is an organization sovereignly ordained by God. From its humble beginnings – one small Chapter in Los Angeles, California 1951 – it was thrust into global ministry by prophetic visions and prophecy. The Fellowship’s story graphically depicts man’s plans falling short of the mark, but God’s plan succeeding. The complete story is in the classic inspirational book, “The Happiest People on Earth, by Demos Shakarian, the California dairyman who is the Fellowship’s founder.


Today the Fellowship operates in approximately 150 countries. Thousands of Chapters hold meetings in small hamlets, farm towns, outlying suburbs and urban power centers. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, these meetings are a time of fellowship, outreach and personal ministry.


But the backbone of the Fellowship is its men – men who have a vision inspired by God to reach out beyond their personal lives – to help others find the reality of the Spirit-filled walk with Christ – tens of thousands of men putting God first and letting their lights shine to the world – men who join the Fellowship and participate in the ministry outreaches available, making a commitment to spread the Good News of Christ through the effective and powerful worldwide ministries of the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International.