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Doctrinal Statement

Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International (Australia) is open to all men who wish to be part of this vibrant organisation, who have a heart to reach others and bring them into a relationship with Jesus Christ. You must read and understand our Doctrinal Statement and be willing to serve as a chapter member giving of your time and expertise.   Please return your completed membership application (along with our doctrinal statement) form to our Membership Convenor Bill Wilcock at PO Box 129, Taigum QLD 4018. Membership forms can be printed from our website:

Membership fees are $100.00 per annum. To have an effective Fellowship we need all members to pay their dues to fund the ongoing expenses of the Fellowship as per the budget approved by the National Board. Being paid up members of the Fellowship is important and all personnel should hold their membership as significant and of value. Being members allows you to experience all the benefits that are associated with the organisation including being able to vote and have your say at the appropriate time. If you have no chapter in your area or it is not functioning your membership will be held as a National member. Those already in an active chapter will also be National Members and then chapter members. This way all members are included and not overlooked when information is being passed on.

Membership Form - Download